Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Mauritius - Schatzinsel im Indischen Ozean

In 10 days- this will be our new home- In 10 Tage wird dies unser Zuhause sein. 

We are each allowed 2 suitcases to take - mine are filled with painting supplies and computer equipment so I can set up shop quickly.  My French is so rusty! And from what I understand, I speak with a German accent- funny. I used to be fluent when I was a kid. I dreamt in French- and German and English...

This is a strange thing- see this? 

I got this as a gift from my sister over 20 years ago. She had gotten it as a gift and didn't really take to it- so now look at this  It's Mauritius. And I think it is pretty uncanny- don't you? Maybe it is my mind playing tricks. Je ne sais pas.

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Tim Craig said...

I agree with you on that little painting from your sister Steph. All it needs is some water and naked people and it is a total match.
Pretty interesting!