Friday, July 04, 2014

Walter Dean Myers

I had the great fortune of being able to meet this inspiring man - a rare person that made people think and created empathy and understanding. Sad to hear of his death.  

Monday, June 30, 2014


There I am "A". I am almost exactly a week from going back to the other side of the world - literally the almost exact opposite. 29 hours en route back to California. 

I have been here in Mauritius for over 7 months. I haven't been someplace other that the U.S. for that long since I was a kid. This adventure has had its ups and downs, but lately, I have been finding a nice rhythm with it and have enjoyed being away from the politics and extremism of the U.S.. 

It's funny how when you step outside of a place and look at it from a different angle that the political messaging becomes stark. Mauritius is a tiny little speck in the Indian Ocean. To be honest, I had never heard of the place- aside from the sad tale of the dodo bird before coming. It is a place where no one can lay claim- it was uninhabited until the 1500's. Every human is an import- every human is an immigrant. The only native creatures were either driven into extinction, or hang on on a tiny little shred of the island. A small national forest - a mere 5% of what once was exists. Somehow the inhabitants of this place manage to live in relative peace- Hindu. Muslim, Christian etc...Mauritius is a microcosm of the earth. 

Anyhow- I am wrapping up projects, packing luggage and seeing friends and getting ready for the journey back to California. Then I will journey back to Mauritius again in a month or 2 or so after...then back again in December- a bi-antipodal existence on this tiny planet.  Home- the pale blue dot. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

STAR STUFF: Carl Sagan and the Mysteries of the Cosmos at ALA!!

My dear friend Sharon Lovejoy found STAR STUFF at the American Library Association's convention in Las Vegas and posted these images to FB. 

She is there promoting some of her books and her first novel called Running out of Night- which is one of those rare stories that truly transports you to another time in history. 

Thank you Sharon!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Jon Mooallem: The strange story of the teddy bear and what it reveals

I have been reading Wild Ones by Jon Mooallen. Fascinating...has me thinking about the lens I see the world through. This is one of those books you finish and think about. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Neil DeGrasse Tyson on Bill Moyers Full Interview HD

Just brilliant...Always loved Bill Moyers- grew up watching him and his careful,no-nonsense clear reporting. Here he is interviewing another admired truth seeker...humility- a beautiful thing- a courageous thing. 

The Adventure

The adventure: date night watching the sun go down on a white beach with ghost-like crabs scamping into their homes- warm breezes, unfamiliar bird song, small creatures scampering up walls in the night chirping, a woman walking down the road in a brightly colored dress with a pile of wood on her head, a night sky with clear, countless stars and no light pollution to muddy the view. Friends from all over the globe on this tiny island trying to figure out how their story meshes with the one unfolding here.  

It's a good adventure...and it is just beginning. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Working on a Rainy Afternoon

Book 9 in the Princess Posey series is in progress. :)

Wes Anderson- Centered

Just stumbled upon this video collage of Wes Anderson films called Centered. I am blown away. I love his work even more now...


You are only free when you realize you belong no place - you belong every place - no place at all. The price is high. The reward is great. 

- Maya Angelou

Monday, June 09, 2014

Updating, Upgrading...Moving Forward

It's funny, well, not funny "ha ha", but the other kind- when we moved almost exactly to the other side of the planet, Fred thought that we would just simply "move". That it would be the simplest of things and we would just have a new life and that was it. 

Well...what was good that did happen, was that Tristam is having such and a life changing experience and he was probably the number one reason why we moved when we did. Last night we were at a friend's home just down the path here with other friends and Tristam had his 2 best friends there- Matteo and Matilde. Matteo has lived all over the world and speaks 2 languages and Matilde the same- and the parents were all carrying on in French and our kid understood what they were saying- he couldn't formulate his response in French, but he definitely understood. It makes me think of me when I was a kid and my parents were expats and us girls spoke French at school and with our friends, German with out mom and English with our dad. We were children of the world too then...

This weekend we also went o a baby shower for the loveliest people- our friends Jerome and Carole. We were there with another neighbor and only French was spoken. Little baby Liam will be another international child - French father, Mauritian mother- growing up in a fast changing world with many languages spoken around him- and he will be a lucky kid- 

In recent weeks, I have been struggling a bit. Being in Africa, we are removed from familiar surroundings. I have missed the smell of the Pacific in our Central Coast home. I have missed hot yoga with my friends ( we are now working on jerry-rigging a clothes iron and fan combo to heat up a room in our rental here so I can do Bikram). I so missed my critique group where I could read and hear educated feedback from my book peeps. I missed sushi and sauerkraut and kale and our neighbors and riding my bike and and and....on and on...but the thing is that I was missing the BIG picture...

That these few months are just a few months in the whole of our lives and they are an amazing opportunity to try things differently.  Most people when they hit middle-age, either settle into whatever they are doing with either resignation (they are getting tired and whatever they are doing is "as good as it's going to get"...dreams passed them by- that sort of thing) or they are happy with where they are at and proceed along or they reinvent and push the envelope with this idea that life IS short and while you are here, what are you going to experience and what are you going to contribute. We chose the latter. And because Fred and I have such a strong friendship- we don't mind stepping into other world apart from one another for a month or two or three to accomplish some our own personal goals- which is the next thing- he is launching his project and I am heading back to our home to launch a few of my own :) Then rendezvous in Mauritius before heading out again. Life is good. 

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Gosh it had Been Awhile- so Sorry...Here is an Update

The days fly by here...we are nearing six months here on the other side of the globe. When we arrived in December it was hot and humid and the days were long. Now we are nearing winter (July/August!) and the days are shorter and the weather is cool enough for jeans or a long sleeve t. The sugar cane was barely up to the fence in the backyard when we arrived and now it towers over it and it is blooming (achhooooo!). Fred said that it is related to corn somehow. 

But with everything going on, my work has not slowed- and I love my work.  I have several books in the works and several under contract. I am looking forward to heading to the States and being able to do the research I cannot from here and to check in with my tribe of amazing and accomplished artists and writers before I return to the antipode. 

I keep a journal and these are some notes: the same birds come by every morning and our favorite is a scrappy looking Madagascar fody we call "Billy", the sky is ablaze with stars instead of light noise at night, most of the drivers on this island should not be allowed to drive, giant fruit bats hang from telephone wires during the day, I appreciate house geckos, I wonder what this place looked like before people arrived? , it's nice to take a break and sit outside (when that "gardener" is not here), the ocean water is an incredible blue, don't drink the powdered milk from India, those red flowers make me happy, ANOTHER holiday??? , I love exploring a new place with my Pookie , I wish I had a book that is not electronic here and Chilula hot sauce. 

Monday, May 05, 2014

How Lucky am I??? Mama und Papa- Liebe.

This picture was taken by my uncle Harvey George of my parents. I look at this (and many more pictures of them), read their e-mails and notes- think of the times when in a single word "Ohana", for example, where they brought the idea and the meaning of family and made it manifest because they ARE and I am one lucky kid. I love you Mom and Dad. We all do- love from me and Fred and Tristam. Fred has said many times that until meeting you, that he had never seen a healthy relationship before. You two are rare birds, xo. Keep dancing your dance.  

4 Months (or so)

I don't know if there is a kid or former kid out there who hasn't tried to dig all the way to the other side of the Earth. China is the usual assumed destination if you are in the U.S.. My agent told me that the word for the opposite side of the earth is an antipode. The almost (very nearly) antipode of where we live in California- is Mauritius. And so for four months now, we have lived here on the other side. 

You can't predict how a place is going to be from reading about it or looking at pictures. Before moving here that was what I had to go on- that and Fred telling me about Mauritius.  At first it was all so overwhelming. A van came to pick us up at the airport with our pile of suitcases and bicycle cases. The funny thing about the bikes- they are useless here. Riding on the roads is taking you life into you hands, but the cases came in handy during a flash flood where Fred and I had to divert the water away from the house. We used the bike cases as dams , along with some kitchen trash bags we filled with water and some others we filled with rocks. 

Many mornings, we wake up and open the accordion doors onto the back yard and let in the breeze. The birds have gotten used to that sound as the "breakfast is being served" sound and they all come; Madagascar Fodys- especially an orange colored one with spiky feathers on his head we call "Billy"- after Billy Idol. Billy hangs with a group of sparrows. He is with them, but keep to himself. At first he was terribly shy- didn't come near the house and sat out on the lawn- an orangish red dot out there- and gradually, he became pretty comfortable and now often times, he is the first bird waiting for breakfast and complaining if we are late to deliver it. I love Billy. There are red bearded bulbuls that travel in pairs and zebra doves...the Mynas have a complex and varied range of calls and the village weavers are family centered birds who build their nests in palm trees that they enter from the bottom . Clever birds. I never grow tired of the birds.  

I can't remember a time in my life without birds.  At home we have our little parakeets ( who are under very good care of their new flock leader)- parakeets are flock birds who are used to having their voices carry over long distances and the unsuspecting pet buyers who come into per stores are often unaware of this and so many birds wind up being abused or neglected because of their natural instincts. 

In California we have our hummers. They zip through the air in every which direction at high speeds, yet they are so small and delicate. During the day their hearts beat at 1260 beats per minute, but when they are sleeping, it drops to 50-180 bpm. Incredible creatures- and far older than us homo sapiens .

Birds have been around some 150-160 million years (present day estimate). Homo sapiens - about 200,000 years...we are youngsters compared to them...

So birds- they are making this place feel more like a home- not the people, not anything else- the  birds.  After I post this, I will cut up some baguette from our local boulangerie for the birds breakfasts. I look forward to opening the doors and seeing Billy- or the rest of our flock. 

Joni Mitchell-California (The Johnny Cash Show)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Earth is a Very Small Place

I had meant to do an Earth Day Post last week, but that just didn't materialize. So, today, I found this to put our teeny weeny little dot into perspective. 

Carl Sagan once said that all of the biota on Earth was equivalent to the veneer on a classroom globe in relative scale.  That puts our place in the Cosmos in perspective and highlight the fragility of life... 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Me and my Pookie

Today we drove to the south end of the island. Tristam took this picture at a little Indian restaurant by the beach. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


My editor suggested that I start keeping a journal here. She thinks that something will come of it- a book in the future. So in the morning, I do some sketching, some writing- not all of it about Mauritius and our experiences here- some of it about another book I am writing (which I am SUPER excited about). 

You what is so interesting about the topics for these books? They seem to find me. My last book -STAR STUFF: Carl Sagan and the Mysteries of the Cosmos- (available in November- I will be plugging this labor of love for a long time, so get used to it :) ) started tapping me in the shoulder when I was took until just over 2 years ago for me to have the skill set and to see a need/opportunity to create it.  The next book has a similar pattern- I got my little tap on the shoulder when I was a kid too and the tapping has not let up. Now that we have gotten to Mauritius the tap has turned into a rather insistent, "you need to write about this." 

I've always been a little mystified abut writers' assertions that the characters of novels, for example, come into their lives. As they write the narratives, the events seem to surprise the writers- I am now having this happen to me... funny.