Sunday, December 29, 2013

Setting Up in Mauritius

StudioSH (Studio Southern Hemisphere), is almost set up. We found a desk for me last week. It's beautiful- and so Mauritian. It was made from an old door- not exactly flat, but I have a piece of cardboard to place under my paper. I love it. 

A box for pencils I got at the market. "Ils Maurice". My big challenge now is setting up my work station with Apple's new Mavericks- I half wish that I didn't update my system. There are some really cool things about how it works, but my drawing tablet doesn't seem to think so with how it splits the screen in Photoshop. I also seem to have lost some of the custom brushes I made before- so I have to remember how I did them and remake them. 

The studio is nice though- quiet, because we live in the middle of this: 

A big sugar cane field. The sugar cane is half way to maturity. Fred says it will get much taller. 

I'm curious to find out how my work change over here. The colors of the island, the slower pace of things, the strange new creatures. The language. I spoke French fluently as a young girl, slowly the words are popping up in my brain...very slowly, so I also am doing some online French courses and of course, daily things like shopping present ample opportunity to learn. 

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