Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Work Arounds

This morning my French class met at a local cafe instead of at Tristam's school because there is yet another school break. The ladies in the class may not know this, but just knowing that there are other expats going through the ups and down of adjusting to life here is a great comfort. Our French teacher was not at this gathering, so all of us guiltily admitted to not having done our homework and just chatted. It was nice.

You would think that a place of which Mark Twain said in 1896 (quoting and islander)"Mauritius was made first and then heaven; and heaven was copied after Mauritius" - would be easy to adjust to. I have friends who are expats in places like Bangladesh and my experience here is nothing like theirs. I have all of the convinces here- internet, electricity (although that can be spotty) , internet (although the bandwidth is low), there are grocery stores with products from all over the world and there is a definite western footprint here.  But, I do miss home. Especially Bikram (hot) yoga, my friends,  my garden, the smell of the Pacific Ocean, sushi (!!!!) organic produce and privacy- and mobility (freedom). 

Purple carrots from our garden at home.

Privacy and Peace.

High speed dependable internet and electricity in my very functional, dialed in studio.

SUSHI!! Here at Goshi's SLO- after doing Bikram Yoga class.

Gosh- this really seems like I'm bitching about things- there are so many great things here. First, the opportunity to reinvent and to see the world through a different lens. Challenging old habits and routines, assumptions... see another part of the world- and it is gorgeous. See a very different culture- the Indian-Mauritians- I am constantly confused and surprised by interpretations of events and daily things as seen through this culture. I am making lots of new friends here- all very different from so many places on the globe. Mostly Franco-Mauritians, but many expats who have adopted the world as their home and have a nomadic life style.  

At the moment California is still very much home, but I'll be back there to visit soon enough and often enough. Life is good. 

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