Friday, January 24, 2014

Island Time....

We are settling in nicely.

Our neighbors have been so wonderful in navigating the logistics of setting up a workable routine. Living in a third world country (albeit a very nice one), takes inside knowledge for sure. So far they have taken the time to make introductions, steer us clear of making mistakes and have been invaluable- as well as being genuine and lovely to spend time with.    

The clouds here are amazing. The cloudscapes shift so quickly that they look like a time-lapse film. 

Doing yoga has become super important to me over the last number of years, so incorporating it here has been important. I try to take a break in the hottest part of the day and do some yoga outside. It's hot enough to get a sweat going- which I love. We also found a studio a little ways away that we go to for a vinyasana flow class taught by a free spirited woman. Fred and I both love her class. Her yoga studio is on the lower floor of her home and there are big french doors that open up onto her garden. The other night during some of the poses I looked out to the tropical night sky with the clouds drifting by the moon framed by palms and banana trees. It was almost surreal.

Work is busy as always and now my process (which is still pretty new to me) is half digital. It's still not up to speed with the California studio, but getting there. 

More soon...

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