Thursday, January 02, 2014

Happy 2014- off to a good start : )

Happy New Year from the both of us- plus a "hi" from Fred. We spent New Year's Eve in Grand Baie. It was a feast, but we still like the food we make at home better- I almost always want to go into the kitchen at whatever restaurant we are at and say to the cook/chef- you know if you added a little x or cooked this a little less, of steamed these instead...Well, anyhow, New Year's Eve was hoot. We boogied out of town at about 11 to beat the traffic and the inevitable drunks on the road. Glad we did- we got home and had our own toast and a bit of chocolate we got a the bakery earlier. 

2013 was a roller coaster and we work are butts off.  We created some really cool stuff- I'm super proud of the art and the writings I did (my first written and illustrated by book coming out in the autumn of 2014 - so happy with it!!!). And now here we are- in our new home away from home of for the next little while as we create some more things that have never been in a place we have never lived before...returning home ever few months until??

Happy 2014 all of you- thank you for popping by and I hope that 2014 is kind and fulfilling and packed with adventure and good things.  xo Steph

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