Sunday, October 05, 2014

Thoughts From a Speck in the Indian Ocean

 Something that didn't occur to me until recently- surprisingly- is how much being an introvert shapes my experience of the world. The picture above is of me with in Belgium when we were expats there. We lived in the country near Waterloo and our neighbor had rabbits and pigeons. It was a heaven of sorts for me- a quiet rural existence- not a lot of noise and activity. 

Flash ahead some forty some years and I move to Mauritius with a very different culture- loud, ueber social, constant activity and people  and noise everywhere- a big challenge to an introvert. 

So, I am learning to do things like go to less popular beaches and collect shells or read or do yoga- to schedule time in to do those things.  I hadn't realized how much a part of me this thing of being quiet is. I tried at first when we got here to take on the task of integrating, but it became over load. So, I backed away- I think that's the process - you try on a new thing and see how it fits and if now you try a different way...

You find the things that comfort you. My case- watching birds, sketching, food (ULTRA rare organic strawberries ), finding alone time...connecting with the ocean...

Here I am 15 years ago (when I first me Fred). I worked out ways of connecting with California (which is home in my mind) . I bought a quiver of surfboards and headed out into the waves. It was magical...working on creating a home away from home here on this speck in the Indian Ocean. 

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