Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Quick Trip To NYC

The room from our hotel window.The main reason for my visit was to meet with my publishers.  See all of those water towers? I just wrote and illustrated a book with  scenes in Brooklyn, NY. Anyhow, I had thought that I had included an ample amount of water towers in my illustrations- after seeing this I added more. The funny thing  was that no matter how ornate or plain or rundown the building, they all had the same wooden water towers on top.  

Look at this! An elevator for cars. Have never seen this done before. 

The Highline- this wasn't built the last time we were in NYC in 2007. It's a transformative space to the neighborhoods that surround it. We loved it. 

Leonard Marcus put together an exhibit: The ABC of it: Why Children's Books Matter. Fred and I had so much fun going through and seeing original art by Ashley Bryan  (we both love him) the original Winnie the Pooh and friends and and entire room of rare and not so rare children's books was a total treat. I'll post more about it with pictures in an upcoming post. 

The Highline winds up taking you to the Chelsea Market- and to spices and oysters on the half shell and craftspeople and a great variety of things for the senses to be enlivened by. An this this horrible- possibly the WORST restaurant we have ever been to called TAO- which was an assault to the senses, food that tasted like old reheated chinese takeout with extra salt added (but placed on nice dishes), a thumping sound system so you couldn't hear conversation at your own table and really no thought to the diners' experience.TAO was in direct contrast to all of the other food we had on our stay- everything else was delicious, from the Korean BBQ to this gorgeous plate of carrots (yes carrots) that were the best carrots I have ever eaten because they were fresh and thoughtfully prepared. 

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