Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sunset gardening

Hello- it has been awhile. Lots going on- books, books, books. I'm very pleased with them all right now, especially my picture book. 

Here I am in the garden where I go to unwind- other than Bikram yoga. The garden is gorgeous right now- lots of color and lush. The way I work  (mostly), is that I set my phone timer for 1 hours, then I focus on some book task. When the timer goes off, then I get up for 15 minutes and stretch or head out to the garden or do some little chore around here that requires some kind of moment. Then back to the studio and B.I.C. (Jane Yolen's butt in chair acronym ) for another hour and so on...seems to work well for me. 

Anyhow- now it's time for some hot yoga. 

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