Tuesday, June 04, 2013

It was time...

Over the last few weeks I have been rereading the posts. The beginnings were mostly surf reports and sketches from books I was working on. In those days I was struggling to find enough illustration work to make a consistent living. Now I have almost the opposite problem...I have had so much work over that I only had a few days off in 2012 and this year, I haven't had one off yet. 

You may have noticed, this blog is missing over 1,400 posts, beginning from 2005. A number of months ago, I made the decision to  copy the content and eventually, delete the older posts- almost all of them. 

The reasons I did this range from not wanting to have so much personal information here to wanting to revamp the blog and my website for the next stage of my career.

So far on my plate for this next year are completing the first book that I will have written and illustrated (a BIG deal for me), beginning a new book series, continuing with the Princess Posey series and re-learning French. 

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